About Us

The Multiform Shop for Lindfield Learning Village is run by volunteers of the Lindfield Learning Village P&C Association "Friends of the Village".

The multiform offering is designed for students to mix and match pieces to suit their personality or for what they are doing that day. They can choose to wear the complete multiform, some of it, or none at all.

The design process involved gathering a passionate group of students (2 from each year group) plus many extras, who were passionate about being involved. The group began by building a colour palette that used the colours from the LLV logo and then from there, the group chose a dark navy and light grey marle as anchor colours.

Step 2 of the process involved reviewing a range of different uniform options presented to the students by a parent in our community who is also a fashion designer. From the initial ideas presented, the students decided the foundational items to be made available should prioritise a polo shirt, polo dress and a hoodie - all customised for LLV. Based on the feedback from students the designer sketched 12 different polo shirts for consideration, using splicings from the logo colours to create fun options that felt more like a sports or fashion polo, than a traditional school shirt.

Students and teachers voted on the twelve polo ideas and the top 3 designs were selected, to offer choice that works for both sexes and different age groups, including teachers. Beyond that, designs have been presented which include a hoodie, school cap, and bucket hat. All tops have been designed to seamlessly match with navy shorts, skorts, track pants or pants.

All orders placed will be sent home with your student once the stock is available.