What is a Multiform?

A Multiform is a selection of unisex clothing items can that be chosen based on the children's preference. They can wear anything in any combination. Wear a Hoodie with jeans, a Polo shirt with boardies or a fairy skirt, Leggings with your favourite t-shirt or wear it all together or not at all.

What size do I order?

We have a full size set of all items at school and will be doing pop up events for your child to come and try things on. We will do our best to guide your child into the best size to suit their growing body. Alternatively, please see the sizing chart found in the footer of this website.

Why do I have to order now?
We need to take orders from parents now in order to prepay for the stock we are ordering. As a new P&C Association, we do not have the funds to cash flow the set up of the uniform.

As a P&C, we have made the decision to not hold large amounts of stock of the uniform so some orders with the suppliers will be placed to order. 

When will I receive?
Most items will be available 2 weeks after placing the order. Your order will be sent home with your child.

Does my child require a specific polo for rep sport?
No. The school is providing children with a different polo for rep sport.